Saturday, 23 May 2015

Weekly Signal : 25 May 2015 - 29 May 2015

*Signals updated before monday morning every week :)

My analysis for this week:


1)SIDEWAY, hitting 5645 will get us back to uptrend view while going down to 5350 can be consider as downtrend. The weekly pattern not so good, and i think there might be some consolidations ahead. GBP is not weak like euro. (hit 5350)


1)SIDEWAY. Despite euro shows weakening pattern, i see price cn go back to 1060 or at least 1030. There are too many support lines down ahead, even we can see price hit 1.0999 twice yesterday. Looks like it is quite hard to smash down so price can go up, get momentum from top and retest back all those support lines. (sideway)

On the other hand, can this pair go up? yes, by going back to 1.1350.


1)SIDEWAY, but long term target at 133.50 is near. Price can go down but remember japanese yen also not so strong. They can give the strength to euro and climb up back to retest 135.00 (hit 133.50 and 135.00)

Down below lies 133.10 as the line to suggest bearish run continues.

Signals above according to IKOFX graph.


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