Saturday, 30 May 2015

Weekly Signal : 1 June 2015 - 5 June 2015

*Signals updated before monday morning every week :)

My analysis for this week:


1)DOWNTREND, price hit the 200ema line twice but didnt break/close under this line. Perhaps there are some points that can be the target at the top such as ressistance on 28 may (5385) or on 27 may (5435).
But the downtrend pressure is on. I think price may hit back 5305 area and breaking 5235 is to ensure bearish trend. (hit 5435 and 5235)


1)SIDEWAY. The closing price yesterday is around the open price on monday. Price hit the 1.10 line and turned back, price move looks very choppy. If price goes up again, most probably it will hit 1050 line, but i think next week price may hit back 0920. (hit 1050 and 920)


1)SIDEWAY, price climbed so high to 136.50 but the bearish point at 133.10 still intact. We can see support line 133.10 on 26/5 just below the 133.12 on 5/5. So i think this pair would not go so high next week. The best is to enter sell from early monday monday, and price also can hit back weekly pivot line at 135.32. (hit 135.32)

If price going down to 134.83 that means downtrend should continue afterwards.

Signals above according to IKOFX graph.


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