Saturday, 16 May 2015

Weekly Signal : 18 May 2015 - 22 May 2015

My analysis for this week:


1)UPTREND, but downtrend momentum is gaining strength. Last friday price moved kinda weird despite usd still weak in all fundamental report. I think price may touch 1.5650 line soon. (hit 5650)


1)UPTREND. I dont see any technical views to state that the downtrend is near. 1.15 should be the best target for now.

On the other hand, bearish view looks likely if price hit 1.1220. (hit 1220)


1)UPTREND, but bearish view is near. If price continously skyrocket, would it again opening gap during 2 jan at 144.50. It is still far away, and there's one bookmark down there also that could be as a longterm target at 133.50.

Try enter sell at 137.14, take profit at 137 or a bit under it.

Dont take profit too much!

Signals above according to IKOFX graph.

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