Sunday, 17 December 2017

FOREXHEHE Signal : 18 - 22 December 2017

Forexhehe = My favourite Forex Signal

This is the last signal for this year, hopefully the last signal gives us extra profit that we need most. Maybe later I will summarize Forexhehe Performance and next week there will be Invitation to Join Forexhehe Research Project.

So, signal for this week? Tadaa....Please scroll down below ==>

EURUSD: Bearish

Buystop at 1.1772, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)
Buystop at 1.1822, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)
Buystop at 1.1872, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)
Buylimit at 1.1690, tp 6pips (cancel order)

Note: BUY on monday morning tp 6pips or at 1.1764 (hit 1764, +15pips)

GBPUSD: Sideway

Buystop at 1.3390, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)
Buylimit at 1.3279, tp 6pips (cancel order)

Note: BUY on monday morning tp 12pips, or to 1.3350 (but price could go up to 1.3363)
(price hit 3363)

EURJPY: Sideway

Buystop at 133.64, tp 8pips (hit +8pips)
Buylimit at 131.88, tp 6pips (cancel order)

Note: Price could go up too, 132.45? (hit 132.45)

USDJPY: Sideway

Buystop at 113.74, tp 6pips (cancel order)
Buylimit at 111.93, tp 6pips (cancel order)

Note: Same like Eurjpy, this pair also could go up to 112.72 (maybe yen weaker next week?)
(hit 112.72 on monday morning)

Signals according to IKOFX graph and all signals are valid until saturday 23/12/17.

Let's get green pips together! Forex 100% profit getting closer with forexhehe signal!

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