Sunday, 24 December 2017


      I have been in forex trading for 9 years. Through this many years I saw many styles, methods ,techniques to gain profit just from a simple graph. Eventually I also developed my very own technique and some of it I used in my forex seminar and classes. You can see my weekly signals in this blog and the results was pretty awesome.

     But there are 2 more problems; The secret technique is not well recorded, and another one
is I believe there will be more great technique if I have time to analyze all graph datas.
(to analyze graph in every pairs are very time consuming, need full concentration and very stressful).

So, this is why I write here, to invite my friends and traders out there to join in this project. I need funder/partnership in this Forexhehe Project so I can recorded every technique with it's history and from what currency pairs. For Example, if I say this 'A technique' is good, we can know what is the most negative floating in history (in which pair, what time,etc). Meaning that if the highest floating around -200pips, we can easily enter 3.3lots from 1000usd without any hesitation.

If you like to be a funder/be a partnership in this project, please email me at:

Thank you.



1)If I interested to be a funder/partnership for this project, how much should I invest?

- Around 2,000usd - negotiable

2)What will I get later on?

- You will get Forexhehe Secret Project data in hardcopy after a few months, depending on my experiment result for every technique. You will know how I get forex signal in Forexhehe blog and I can assure you the result will be super profitable.

3)This is absurd. Why should I invest/be a funder if I can get free signal every week?

- If you be a funder, you will know more about forex/forexhehe secret technique. You can use the technique to many more forex pairs like USDCAD, USDCHF, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, gold, etc
(normally Forexhehe shows about 3-4 currency signals). That means you have a chance to double your profit!

4) I dont get it from explanation no.3 above. Please elaborate more.

- Usually I will give weekly signals to these pairs; EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY. But if you be as a funder/partner for this project, you can use many more techniques and gain more profit.

If you don't believe it, please scroll Forexhehe Weekly result, and then u may see the result should be like this:

Example: Your $$ in IKOFX account = 10,000usd

Let say you will get margin call after floating -500pips,

10,000/500 = 20lot

Forexhehe normal target = 6pips,

20lot x 6 pips x 6 (6 profitable orders in a week)
= 720usd.

= 720usd x 4 weeks = 2,880usd (RM12,096) <==excluding rebate if you open IKOFX under my affliate

From this calculation, it is possible for you to get 2880usd in a month just from Forexhehe free weekly signal. But, if u invest 2,000usd you have greater chance to get more profits.

If you interested in this project, or you have more questions, please email me at

I will try to meet my funder if they live in Malaysia particularly in Klang Valley. I believe my funder should know me and the most important, I am not a scammer anyway :)

Please join in this project if you want to know forex secret and be successful in forex trading.

Thank you~



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