Saturday, 5 October 2013

Weekly Signal : 7 Oct 2013 -11 Oct 2013

Forexhehe Weekly Signal

Buy at : 1.6135, take profit 10-11pips. (cancel order)
Sell at : 1.6000, take profit 9-10pips. (hit +10pips)
*Or you can start buying at 1.6089 tp 10pips. (hit +10pips)

Buy at : 1.3647, take profit 9-10pips. (quite risky) (cancel order)
Sell at : 1.3479, take profit 10-11pips. (cancel order)
*Or you can start buying at 1.3564, tp 10pips. (cancel bcoz of monday gap)

Buy at :133.52, take profit 10-11pips. (on target)
Sell at: 131.40, take profit 10-11pips (hit +11pips)
*Or you can start buying at 132.47, tp 10pips. (hit +10pips)

*Signal based on IKOFX graph.

1)Logically GBPUSD can go as high as 1.6230...and as low as 1.5800.

2)As gold and silver shows potential to go up, most probably usd will weaken. From my point of view, better EURJPY going down and close 130.70 gap line while EURUSD and GBPUSD going up.

y! : eeey3500


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