Sunday, 27 October 2013

Weekly Signal : 28 Oct 2013 -1 Nov 2013

Forexhehe Weekly Signal

Buy at : 1.6258, take profit 10-11pips. (cancel order)
Sell at : 1.6114, take profit 10-11 pips. (hit +11pips)
*Or you can start buying at 1.6187 tp 10pips. (hit +10pips)

Buy at : 1.3835, take profit 10pips. (cancel order)
Sell at : 1.3691, take profit 10-11pips. (hit +11pips)
*Or you can start selling at 1.3741, tp 10pips. (hit +10pips)

Buy at : 135.53, take profit 10pips. (cancel order)
Sell at: 133.60, take profit 10-11pips (hit +11pips)
*Or you can start buying at 134.58, tp 10pips. (cancel, monday gap)

*Signal based on IKOFX graph.

1)GBPUSD : Price has 2 sell target point, 6150 and 6125. To the north price still trying to hit 1.6250 area.

(hit 6150 and 6125)

2)EURUSD : Look like price still wanna go higher but for me i think price can go down 1st at least to 1.3765 line. (hit 3765)

3)EURJPY : Still in ranging area at the moment.

y! : eeey3500


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