Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weekly Signal : 6 Feb - 10 Feb 2012

Forexhehe Weekly Signal

Buy at : 1.5884, take profit 10-12pips (hit +12pips)
Sell at : 1.5750, take profit 10-12pips (hit +12pips)

Buy at : No signal at the moment
Sell at : 1.3027, take profit 10-11pips (on target)

Buy at : 102.21, take profit 10-11pips. (hit +11pips)
Sell at : 99.22, take profit 10-12pips.(cancel order)

6 Feb : Looks like GBPUSD should going down to 1.5800 and EURUSD to 1.3130.
(it hit early in the morning)

7 Feb : I think EURUSD is trying to trap us because actually it can reach 1.3200 and still valid to break 1.3020. If EURUSD hit 1.35 it will make a U-turn and hit 1.3020 back. (hit 1.3200)

For AUDUSD enthusiasts please be careful of today's Cash Rate news on 10:30EST, it might trigger big moves. (around 11:30am Malaysia Time). (AUDUSD close the gap 1.0775)

8 Feb : EURJPY now in overbought area despite has a chance to break 102.21. I enter sell at 102.00, tp 10-12pips. For EURUSD i put sell limit at 1.3337, take profit 12-15pips. (EURJPY hit +12pips)

9 Feb : The sell limit 1.3337 for EURUSD still on target,  and EURJPY continued to move in overbought area. Sell EURJPY at 103.25. (cancel EURUSD, EURJPY hit +12pips)

10 Feb : GBPUSD is more likely to break yesterday low, u can sell and take profit at 1.5790. Same with AUDUSD, sell and take profit near 1.0735-30 (GBPUSD hit +15pips, AUDUSD hit +25pips)

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