Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekly Signal : 27 Feb - 2 March 2012

Forexhehe Weekly Signal

Buy at : No signal at the moment.
Sell at : 1.5796, take profit 10-12pip (cancel order)

Buy at : No signal at the moment.
Sell at : 1.3373, take profit 10-11pips (hit +11pips)

Buy at : no signal at the moment
Sell at : 105.61, take profit 10-12pips. (cancel order)

27 Feb : Major pair in overbought area so we dont focus on buy order anymore. Perhaps all of them have sell signal as we can see in EURJPY, it can touch 107.60 later on. (EURJPY hit 107.60)
*update : buy signal appeared on EURJPY. I enter buy order at 109.20 and targeting to 109.65 in small lot.
(still valid)

28 Feb : EURJPY and EURUSD has 1 buy signal, EJ towards 109.65 and EURUSD looking up to 1.3468. If we see the pattern maybe we can enter buy order at 1.3489 or 109.92 (EJ). Otherwise sell at 1.3367 or 107.14. Take profit 10-12pips. (EURUSD hit 1.3468)

29 Feb : EURUSD moved closer to 1.3489 and today euro still has the strength to go up. Eventually EURJPY is still far away from our target (109.65) so EURUSD and EURJPY can move higher today. Enter buy at 108.71. For GBPUSD enter buy and take a few pips before it touches 1.5931.(GBPUSD hit 5931)

1 March : EURJPY in triangle shape and moving in neutral area (H1 and H4 timeframe). Hopefully we can see it's breaking 108.69 or 107.83. Another signal is sellstop silver at 33.91. (EURJPY hit 107.83, +10pips)

2 March : Most pair probably waiting for NFP tonight and suddenly  they moved slowly towards neutral area. I'm not entering any order right now, unless GBPUSD breaking 1.5978 (buy) or EURUSD break 1.3282 (sell). (EURUSD hit +12pips, GBPUSD cancel)

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