Sunday, 20 August 2017

FOREXHEHE Weekly Signal : 21 - 25 August 2017

Forexhehe = Weekly Forex Signal/Analysis

Last week GBPUSD didn't want to hit my target but it slided down towards my previous target near 1.2910. Perhaps not in this week or next week...later GBPUSD will hit 1.3035 again.

I still positive this pair would touch at least 1.2925. But on monday where all signals towards bearish mode, let the pair go down first. On monday morning, SELL gbpusd take profit 8-10pips is fair enough.

EURUSD: Neutral

Buystop at 1.1831, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)
Buystop at 1.1867, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)
Sellstop at 1.1665, tp 6pips (cancel order)

GBPUSD: Bearish

Buystop at 1.3029, tp 6pips (cancel order)
Sellstop at 1.2820, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)

Note: Sell if hit 1.3036, or Buy if hit 1.2827 (hit buy order, ++pips)

EURJPY: Neutral

Buystop at 129.23, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)
Buystop at 129.83, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)
Sellstop at 127.89, tp 6pips (long term target appears)

Note: This pair has a big chance to hit 129.00 (hit 129.00)

AUDUSD: A bit bullish

Sellstop at 0.7812, tp 6pips (cancel order)

Note: If this pair hit 0.7800, I will enter buy and target 0.7990 or 0.8040 for long term target.

Signals according to graph and all signals are valid until saturday 26/8/17 malaysia time.

Let's get green pips together! Forex 100% profit getting closer with forexhehe signal!

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