Sunday, 7 May 2017

FOREXHEHE EURUSD FORECAST - post french election 2017

Let's take a look on EURUSD graph, shall we...

This is just a forecast for EURUSD graph, totally not accurate but based on my experience.

What I can say is from my record there were 3 monday gaps on EURUSD that is still wide open. The furthest would be around 1.33, and 1.18. Recent one happened 2 weeks ago near 1.0880 on 21 april 2017.

None of monday gaps happened before has huge pip gap; all of them below 30pips. The latest one (21 apr) got 150pips gap. So technically/logically, EURUSD should touch back 1.0760-1.0780 line.

Okay...back to french election results. By monday morning definitely there will be another gap for sure:

Possibility 1: Macron get more votes, so on monday morning (8-5-17), price open far ebove 1.10 (maybe 1.11?) but then when Le Pen votes getting higher, price slide down towards 1.09 and close 21apr gaps (1.0750). Eventually Macron win the election so EURUSD goes up back (from 1.0750 to 1.10)

Possibility 2: Le Pen get more votes. By monday morning huge gaps appear down below and close 21apr gaps (1.0750). Luckily Macron get more counting votes and price goes up back and close the gap (happen on 8may morning) and price shoot back to 1.10+.

Possibility 3: This could be the least chance for tomorrow morning. Le Pen get more votes (huge gap and price open near 1.08-1.09). But then price goes up back and try to fill the price gap (try to reach back 1.10). Later on Le Pen votes catching up an win the french election. Price could touch 1.05.

So from this 3 forecasts, 2 possibilities are Macron will win the election. But the wild price movement will happen for sure.

8 may 2017= 8+5+17=30.

30 is a pullback number in forex graph! 

Update : Price movement 70-80% almost same to my Possibility 1 above. There was a nice pullback from 1.10 to 1.0840 and then price closed near 1.0930.

Good luck!
Ezal / moneymaker3000


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