Sunday, 26 March 2017

FOREXHEHE Weekly Signal : 27 - 31 March 2017

Forexhehe = Weekly Forex Signals

Looking at current EURUSD graph, price still in uptrend line. But it will get ressistance at 1.0841 and going down back to 1.0750 and below.

How about price going down to 1.0750 and then towards 1.0841? Can, but this pair already in wave 5 (at H4 timeframe), so it is waiting to go down further.


Buystop at 1.0875, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)
Sellstop at 1.0681, tp 6pips. (hit +6pips) 

Risk signals : Buystop at 1.0816, tp 6pips. Another signal is buystop at 1.0828, tp 6pips
(hit 822, +6pips, hit 834, +6pips)


Longterm target 1.2571 remains. Risk signal appears; buystop at 1.2536, tp 6pips. or buystop at 1.2543, tp 6pips (hit 2571, +++pips) (hit 2542, +6pips), (hit 2549, +6pips)


Risk Signal; sellstop at 119.32, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)


Sell limit at 112.36, tp 6pips (cancel order)


Buystop at 0.7765, tp 6pips (cancel order)
Sellstop at 0.7569, tp 6pips (cancel order)

Buylimit at 0.7566, tp 6pips (cancel order)

Signals according to graph and all signals are valid until saturday 1/4/17 malaysia time.

Let's get green pips together! Forex 100% profit getting closer with forexhehe signal!

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