Sunday, 19 February 2017

FOREXHEHE Weekly Signal : 20 - 24 February 2017

Forexhehe = Forex Weekly Signal / Analysis

In several years I got some calls for private fx class around my place but recently IKOFX is getting active in doing fx seminar and class. I got a few invitations to teach others about forex and sharing my vast forex knowledge with them.

The class is basically for forex lovers to learn about naked-chart strategy. They will get the knowledge step-by-step until they know how the graph moves by reading the candlestick movement.

For intermediate level maybe they will learn from me how I trade forex  not only using naked chart strategy but also by examining calendar date. Both strategies are using naked chart; no trendlines no indicators. The calendar date forex style could be the 1st in the world of forex strategy.

For this week there are no pending order signals for EU GU and EJ, because the major pairs moved in fishy movement. We could say EURUSD and his friends is heading south, but I smell the euro and gbp could move onto different direction.

Nevertheless for EURUSD...

Start sell at 1.0520 (15 feb support line). The best is if this pair move up to 1.0680 and we start selling from up there. (+20pips)


80% chance profit if enter sell from monday morning. I still hoping this pair hit my longterm target at 1.2340. (longterm 2340 continues) (<== hit 2340 on 1 March)


Enter sell for longterm target at 119.30 (hit 119.30, +40pips)


Hmm...enter buy on monday 0.7680 or 7682? (hit 7682, +10pips)

Signals according to graph and all signals are valid until saturday 25/2/17 malaysia time.

Let's get green pips together! Forex 100% profit getting closer with forexhehe signal!

Question? Enquires?
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