Sunday, 9 October 2016

Forexhehe - The Secret Algorithm

Every forex analyst has their own skill to determine forex graph movement and predict where will the price go soon. Here I would like to share some of my knowledge and join other analyst about what had happened at GBPUSD graph recently.

I've read some said about Hollande, fat finger, typo selling error, thin liquity, etc.

But actually, the graph movement is predictable. The answer lies on this number ==> 2016

It happened on 6 october market time, and you can just reflecting the 2016 and get the answer.


Last year super big movement came from CHF graph and to be exact that happened on 15 January 2015. You can reflect the 2015 and get the answer.

So...will that happen again next year? probably on tuesday 17 jan or friday 17 feb 2017?

I might say yes. Possibly big movement on that day but not really big. Number 7 is not a trigger number just like other numbers.

Lastly 1 question remain. If reflecting 2016 and we get 6102, what's the meaning of number 2?

You have to find the answer for yourself :)


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