Sunday, 28 August 2016

FOREXHEHE Signal : 29 AUG - 2 SEPT 2016

Forexhehe Weekly Signal - Trial


Sellstop at 1.168, tp 8pips (+8pips)


Buystop at 1.3221, tp 8pips (+8pips)
Sellstop at 1.3036, tp 8pips (cancel order)

*Sell on monday morning, tp at 1.3125 or 1.3120 (hit 3120)


Sellstop at 113.64, tp 12pips (cancel order)
Sellstop at 112.75, tp 8pips (cancel order)

*This pair can hit back friday high, 114.17. Buy on monday morning? (hit 114.17, +8pips)

Signals according to IKOFX graph and all signals are valid until saturday 3/9/16 malaysia time.

Let's get green pips together! Forex 100% profit getting closer with forexhehe signal!

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