Saturday, 23 April 2016

FOREXHEHE Signal : 25 - 29 April 2016

Forexhehe Weekly Signal


Buystop at 1.1374, tp 8pips (tp +8pips)
Buystop at 1.1333, tp 7pips (tp +7pips)


Buystop at 1.4420, tp 7pips (tp +7pips)
Sellstop at 1.4235, tp 7pips (cancel order)
Sellstop at 1.4210, tp 6pips (cancel order)

*Update: Sell and target at 1.4420 (hit +20pips)


Sellstop at 123.24, tp 7pips (hit +7pips)
Sellstop at 123.11, tp 6pips (hit +6pips)

*Sell this pair on monday morning, take profit at 125.13 or 125.10 (hit +25pips)


Sell this pair on monday morning, take profit at 111.52, or 111.35 (+20pips)

Signals according to IKOFX graph and all signals are valid until saturday 30/4/16 malaysia time.

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