Sunday, 7 February 2016

FOREXHEHE Signal : 8 - 12 Feb 2016

Forexhehe Weekly Signal


Buystop at 1.1163, tp 7pips (hit +7pips)
Sellstop at 1.0979, tp 8pips (cancel order)

Fxhehe XP: 1.0815 is our longterm target. (still on target)


Buystop at 1.4670, tp 6pips (cancel order)
Sellstop at 1.4371, tp 7pips (hit +7pips)
Sellstop at 1.4265, tp 6pips (cancel order)


Buystop at 130.89, tp 6pips (on target)
Buystop at 131.79, tp 7pips (cancel order)
Sell limit at 132.31, tp 7pips (cancel order)

Signals acoording to IKOFX graph and all signals are valid until saturday 13/2/16 malaysia time.

Thank you, lets get green pips together!

1 comment:

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