Saturday, 16 March 2013

Weekly Signal : 18 March 2013 - 22 March 2013

Forexhehe Weekly Signal

Buy at : 1.5172, take profit 9-10pips. (hit +10pips)
Sell at : 1.4998 take profit 9-10pips. (cancel order)
*or u can start enter sell at 1.5015, take profit 10-12pips. (cancel order)

Buy at : 1.3102, take profit 9-10pips. (cancel order)
Sell at : 1.3003, take profit 9-10pips. (cancel order)
*or u can enter sell on early morning, take profit 8-9pips (hit +9pips)

Buy at : 126.03, take profit 10-11pips. (cancel order)
Sell at: 124.02, take profit 11-12pips. (hit +12pips)

*Signal based on IKOFX graph. 

Signal to consider on this week:

- GBPUSD still continues to go up but eventually the price move into overbought area. I think it will goes down again before closing the monday gap at 1.5240. The bullish will lost its strength if price hit 1.4996.
(bullish trend continues)

- EURUSD finally manages to go up after keep pressuring from short traders. But the price action looks crowded and price maybe going back to 1.3030 area. (big gap appears and hit 3030)

- For me EURJPY its still can go to 126.00 but after 3 times failed, looks like it will headed to weekly pivot 123.95. If price breaks 123.77 support line then most probably it will go down at least to 123.50. Most likely if price hit 122++ then it will going back to 126.00 again. (hit 122 and then went up again)

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