Monday, 2 April 2012

Weekly Signal : 2 April - 6 April 2012

Forexhehe Weekly Signal

Buy at : no signal at the moment.
Sell at : 1.5903, take profit 10-12pip (Hit +12pips)

Buy at : 1.3386, take profit 10-11pips. (cancel order)
Sell at : 1.3190, take profit 10-11pips (Hit +12pips)

Buy at : 111.40, take profit 10-12pips. (cancel order)
Sell at :  108.70, take profit 10-12pips. (Hit +12pips)

2 April : AUDUSD make a huge gap again, it should go down 1st at least to 1.0400, and i will enter buy at 1.0371. GBPUSD, if it continue to go down then we can focus on its longterm target to 1.5770. If u dare to take risk, enter sell EURUSD at 1.3325, tp 5-8pips :D (AUDUSD hit 1.04, EURUSD +8pips)

3 April : Sell EURJPY at 109.20, tp 109.00. It is a medium term target and most probably it can reach 108.85 later on. AUDUSD, could go up to 1.0452. (EURJPY hit 20pips, AUDUSD hit 0452)

4 April : US dollar strengthen dramatically last night but it will getting weak in upcoming days. Buy GBPUSD target 1.5935 and buy EURUSD at 1.3255. Even AUDUSD has buy signal towards 1.0345 :)
(GBPUSD hit 5935 on 11 apr, AUDUSD hit 0345 on 10 apr)

5 April : No signal today because we're waiting GBPUSD EURUSD and AUDUSD to go up back.

6 April : Its a NFP day and price looks like waiting for the nfp data. GBPUSD has up and down signals and we should wait for it.
*my prediction for NFP : EU towards 1.3000 and GBPUSD towards 1.5775. EJ go up :D
(Got 10pips each on monday morning :) )

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