Monday, 5 December 2011

Weekly Signal : 5 Dec - 9 Dec 2011

Forexhehe Signal 

Buy at : 1.5783, take profit 10-12pips (cancel order)
Sell at : 1.5580, take profit 10-12pips (hit +12pips)

Buy at : 1.3537, take profit 10-12pips (cancel order)
Sell at : 1.3365, take profit 10-12pips (hit +12pips)

Buy at : 105.55, take profit 10-12pips. (cancel order)
Sell at : 103.79, take profit 10-12pips. (hit +12pips)

5 Dec : Major graphs moving slowly towards neutral area. No convincing signal can we seen this morning. *You may enter buy at EURCHF, 1.2392, tp 8-10pips. (EURCHF hit 10pips on 6 dec)

6 Dec : EURUSD touches 1.3365 now, we should sell and try get a few pips there. Meanwhile we can buy GBPUSD, or start buy at 1.5645, tp 8-10pips. (got green pips at EURUSD), (GBPUSD hit+10pips)

7 Dec : Sorry for late giving signals to all of you. Okay...if u greedy, buy EURUSD and take profit at 1.3434, or wait until it breaks yesterday high. Another factor to concern is Apex meeting to save euro, the possibility for them to save euro currency is high, so i expect EURUSD would go very high maybe tomorrow or Friday.
* For GBPUSD, it has buy signal towards 1.5660. You can buy and target there but no stop loss :)
(EURUSD hit 3434, GBPUSD hit 5660)

8 Dec : We knew EURUSD might going up during Apex meeting but yesteday it made another sell signal. EURUSD still can break yesterday low at 1.3350, while GBPUSD has sell signal towards 1.5675.
(EURUSD hit 3350, +55pips, GBPUSD hit 5675, +30pips)

9 Dec : I think AUDUSD will retest the support line of 1.0145 soon. Sell it if it breaks yesterday low. If u like to sell now, do it but no stop loss :D (AUDUSD hit 1.0145 and below)
For EURUSD, it still can go down but the yesterday high looks quite convincing to break up. It means that it will going to 1.3455 area in mid/long term period. (EURUSD went down)

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